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Following is what some of our clients say about us 
Buyers Representation

We engaged with  Desi Prime Realty when buying our home. Being a first time home buyer i was overwhelmed with the amount of things that i needed to think and worry about. 

Engaging them was one of the best things i did during the entire process. They were very flexible all through out the process. Showed great deal of diligence, provided great information something that are not easily available online. They ensured that we looked into each and every bit of fact and information that was relevant and important to us. 

Been first time home buyer, we could easily have overlooked lot of things. They ensured we did not. They let us think about things which were not obvious or something that would be relevant down the line.  They were always open all through the process. Ensured they put facts and let us make the decisions. 


I would highly recommend Desi Prime Realty to any home buyer. 

Buyers Representation

“Yayyyy!!! We finally are proud home owners of a beautiful home”. These were the happiest words that came out of our mouth after Desi Prime Realty found us our perfect dream home. Our search began a year ago when me and my husband decided to do it on our own. We kept looking and looking and there was more of looking but no home matched our wishes and needs and I’m sure every home searcher must have come across this situation of nomadic search. We had an unrealistic list of wishes no home could provide and we were very disappointed at our progress. Then, we came to know about Desi Prime Realty through one of our friends and they are known as one of the most accommodating and understanding realtors around. We met their team on one fine day and they listened to our indefinite wish list with a lot of patience. Based on their experience, they figured that all our needs cannot be met with a single home but they didn’t tell it to our face. They tried their best to find our first home and came up with some beautiful houses that cater to most of our needs. We were awestruck looking at the difference between the houses that we searched before and the ones they showed us. They gave us valuable suggestions as to what to look in a house, which a normal person with little experience like us wouldn’t have been able to figure out. They checked almost all the wishes on our list and found us an amazing house that we never imagined to own. Our home search experience was less stressful and more exciting after their team became our realtors. They always took feedback on the houses we didn’t approve and would come back with a much better house the next time. They were available whenever you need them for any suggestions/ideas and would help you in all the possible ways to find your perfect dream home.

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